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Client service with modern organization

Since establishing in 2002. d.o.o. has been profiled as marketing and consulting agency that provides kay end services principle. All the activities devided to filloving sectors:
• Planning, organization, and campaign coordination,
• Graphical production,
• Video and Photo production,
• IT
• Consulting and Analytics
Our goal is maintaining strategic interests of our partners and their positive image in all forms of communication.
Our succsess is measured by our customers success and their possition on the market.


Business development and increasment of clients number, establishing prtneship relations as well as permanent development and investment in advanced solutions resulted with potential to chalange most demanding tasks. Boudaries chalange our wish to face most demanding projects, and we are proud to say that we dont miss it.


By implementation of advanced technologies in all sectors, IT solutions, equipment, softwere as well as other production tools respectively, by angaging skilled profesionals in all fields of activities in team, maximal quality of services and products is provided. Quality, productivity, inovation and crativity are the key factors of succsess on very dynamic market.

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