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Bayer CropScience (od AgrEvo - Aventis CropScience)
Integral media campaign 1999- 2008 (printed material, catalogue 2001-2008, mailing, POS material, press material, printed media - magazines, TV production for local and national media, media buying, product packaging, event organization. Market analyze 2003, 2005.

Bayer CropScience (Hrvatska, Bugarska)
Product packaging - prepress;

Brand introduction and possitioning, Integral media campaign in all media 2003 - 2008 (printed material, mailing, POS material, Klip - KWS producers magazine, campaign in printed media, TV production, media buying, events);

KWS (KWS Sjeme - Hrvatska)
Product catalogue 2006, various printed material;

Dupont Serbia
Integral media campaign 2008 (printed material, product catalogue 2008, mailing, POS material, campaign in printed material - magazines, TV campaign on national and local media, event organization);

Nunhems Zaden BV
Integralna medijska kampanja 1999 - 2008 (printed material, product catalogue, advertising oin printed media TV campaign, media buying, events, production;

Delta Agrar
Printed media campaign - magazines 2005 - 2008, TV advertisement production 2007, 2008;

Timac Agro Balkans
printed material, packaging;

Printed material;

Syngenta Agroservices
TV campaign for 5 products in 2005, campaign in electronic media 2006, 2007.
Production of "20 years of Fusilade Forte" movie, TV advertisements Callisto, Reglon 2006, and other;

Prime Agroconsult
Campaign in printed media - magazines 2006, 2007, 2008, printed materijal;

Victoria Group
Since September 2005, campaign for Agrochemistry sector (Graphical standards, Victoria Group Brand usage manual, Printed material, Product catalogues, Members logos, packaging, TV advertisements, TV reportages);

Fertil - Fertilizer factory
Printed material, packaging;

Zeleni hit
Red Line - brand design, TV production, prepress;

Vinary Elenov, Macedonia
TV advertisements for "Villa Marija" vine brand line;

Astra Travel
Catalogues 2006, 2007 - printed material;

Canadian Embassy
Printed material;

... and others ...

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